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looking out for you. pounds the irs or engaging a politically motivated pitch hunt. the report reads beginning early 2010, quote, the ira used inappropriate criteria that identified for review tea party
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and other portions applying for tax-exempt status based upon their names or policy positions. the report also reveals the i. g. recommended nine specific steps that needed to be taken in order to prevent this from ever happening again in the future. however, the irs agreed to implement only seven of the nine steps and this did not sit well with the i. g.. in a letter he writes, quote, the irs's response also states issues discussed in the report have been resolved. we disagree with this statement as well, corrective actions have not been fully implemented. the arrogance of the irs and this administration simply can't be overstated. apen kicks 8 of the report is a copy of the letter they sent responding to investigators. in this they actually deny any of this was political. they say, quote, we believe the front line career employees that made the decisions acted out of
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a desire for efficiency and not out of any political or partisan viewpoint. again, the inspector general disagrees and says more needs to be done. by the way, frankly, so do i. minutes ago president obama released a statement saying the report's findings are intolerable and inexcusable. and it also says i've directed the secretary to hold those responsible accountable, and to make sure that each of the inspector general's recommendations are implemented click so that such conduct never happens again. now not only the irs targeting scandal, but also the administration's decision to secretly seize phone records of the associated press journalists, as well as the national security i don't covert took place following the benghazi terrorist attack.
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now the dueling press briefings were held this afternoon but neither of them resulted in very much substantive material. instead what we saw was more stonewalling from the least transparent administration in american history. watch this. >> this is a matter, when it comes to the irs, that is under review by the independent inspector general. we have not seen that report. >> i'm not familiar with all that went into the formulation of the s&pes from that matter. >> other than press reports we have no knowledge of any attempt by the justice department to seek phone records of the associated press. >> i don't know all that went into the formulation of the sub spina. >> we are not involved in the white house in any decisions made with ongoing criminal investigations. >> you are getting into matters that are beyond my knowledge. >> it would be wholly inappropriate for me to have answers to those questions. >> i don't know what the circumstances were here. >> i think that we have to wait and see what the next steps are. >> i cannot answer that question. i cannot and he cannot comment specifically on an ongoing
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criminal investigation. >> perhaps we can get for you the exact date. i don't know when that was. >> i can't respond to this in the specifics. >> i'm not sure about it. again, i don't know the facts. >> unbelievable. joining me now with analysis former bush advisor and fox news contributor karl rove. here you go, 54 pages. i. g. makes recommendations and the irs says we don't agree with that. you have your own report. you come prepared. >> what is it? what kind of reading material were we being forced to read? i read every page. but this is disturbing. not only the conclusions of this, and the investigation as we've been reporting, but the fact that they didn't agree with the i. g. report. >> right. >> your reaction. >> as you said, the i. g. was skates and they said we are going to do teeth seven things and dot other things and the i. g. said the things you propose to do are not acceptable and some of the things you claim you are doing you are not doing. so it was a very tough report. look, let's not get lost here
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because we are missing a very important piece of this puzzle. the administration blaming this on low-level bureaucrats in cincinnati and that turned out not to be true. we know people at the central headquarters of the internal revenue in washington were involved. but we are missing something else. remember, they were doing what people on can't local hill wanted them to do. in 2010 max baucus, the committee that oversees the treasury department, wrote a letter to the director of the irs and said go investigate these kinds of groups. we had chuck schumer, who has been stirring this around for a number of years by 2012 he goes out and gets a similar tough letter to the ted -- head of the irs saying look at these groups and gets six others to sane the letter. al franken of minnesota, oregon
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senator, merkley of oregon, shaheen of new hampshire and udall of new mexico and white house. and finally we have another letter, set of letters from karl levin of michigan, the retiring democrat from michigan who sends very tough letters to the department over this and says their answers are unacceptable and threatens to take them to task in a hearing in congress over these issues. maybe the low-level bureaucrats aren't so low level and maybe they were influenced by democrats in the congress saying take on these groups or else you will face the consequences in front of us. >> all right. let's go to the press conference at the white house today. there is the -- by the way, jay
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carney is an embarrassment. jay carney, when he said there were only stylistic differences in the twelve different talking points of benghazi, that was an outright lie. >> that was a complete and total lie. where is it in the cia draft. we know what the cia draft was. where was the story line it all happened because of spontaneous demonstrations provoked by an anti-muslim video. where is that in the cia talking points? i don't see that. i don't see it at all. >> i don't see it at all. >> that's right. they had the absolute facts and the state department and the white house -- look, we don't know precisely who did this, but this a saturday morning, the cia, they are toll to excite all those comments. i don't think that's the spokeswoman over there, i don't think it's ben rhodes, neither
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one of those should be telling the deputy director of the the cia what to put in something or what not to put into something. who is the heavy that told them to take it out and who is the heavy in the drama that came up with the stupid lie it was the video? >> so we have three big scandals now engulfing the white house. we have benghazi, the irs scandal and the holder justice department secretly seizing the phone records of the a.p. now the lap dog media of that never done anything but suck up to this administration actually showed a little bit of life today, probably only because it might have impacted their profession. watch this. >> obama is being compared to president nixon on that. how do you feel about that? >> i don't have a reaction from president obama. i can tell you that people who make those kind of comparisons need to check their history. >> check our history, rapid commentary, but you have to
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understand and hear how it understand how the administration might be hiding something. >> can you say categorically nobody at the white house or on the political team was involved in any way of the targeting of tea party groups by the irs? >> yes. the president believes that the press, as a rule, needs to have an ungetterred ability to fur sue investigative journalism. >> that's hard when they have your phone records. >> don't you know part of it is the fact? it's not "if" anymore, it's fact. >> alexis, shake your head and editorialize but let me finish. >> we are covering other administrations when it didn't work and the information comes out. just bring it out. >> even their biggest fans are fed up with the lies, karl rove. it's taken a while. where have they been? >> it has. and this is a troyka of controversy of that come together. i think the irs is a scandal.
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i think benghazi is a scandal. i'm withholding judgment on the a. p. thing, just yet. >> seizing the phone records in an attempt to track down a promising leak, really? >> yeah. let me put in context. let me explainism think if we have a dangerous leak of information like this, it ought to be found. secret information was shared, leaked to the a.p. but i think the government ought to be very careful about going in and getting the phone records of the people at the a. p.. they should work the other end. who do they think the leak would come from? don't go out there and get 100 editors and reporters at the associated press and secretly get their phone records for two months in order to check out who they are talking to. that's very damaging and very dangerous. i think they ought to track the leak down but this in my opinion was the wrong way to handle it.
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>> we will continue to follow it. more details literally by the hour. thanks. >> thanks, sean. >> still ahead, former defense secretary donald rumsfeld live in studio, but first tonight -- >> they are the taliban wing of american politics and we all ought to be a little worried about them. >> the leader of the naacp goes on a racial want against the tea party and says he supports the irs decision to target conservative groups. and you get to pick the video of the day as always. we will show you a clip of the three options. the winner will run in its entirety at the end of the show. here's number one. the baseball all-star collides with an immovable object. >> a challenge fast ball, pretty well hit to right and harper didn't take a great route to the ball and he bangs up against the ball and he bangs up against the fence my mantra?
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how you work so hard without looking like you do. how you make every dollar stretch so far and keep your family so close. so we brought back the things you liked about jcpenney. gave you new things to explore. and now, we're happy to say, you've come back to us. ♪ we're speechless. except for two little words. ♪ >> as the scandal widens about the irs blatant effort to target conservatives, some on the left are saying the tax agency, they didn't do anything wrong. earlier today when asked if it was comparable to when he was investigated by the irs, he had this to say. >> before they called it a police state tactic.
9:16 pm
so do you think there might be a double standard looked at here? >> no, i don't think there's a double standard at all. it's entirely legitimate to look at the tea party. here's a group of people who are admittedly racist, overly political, who tried as best they can to harm president obama in every a way they can. i don't think there are correct parallels between the incident. it was wrong for the irs to behave in this heavy-handed manner. they didn't explain well before or now what they are doing and why they are doing, it but there are no parallels between the two. >> chairman, what do you think the fallout will be for the obama administration, especially during a time when the tea party lost other little air. do you think this will help inflate that especially as we ramp up to the mid-terms for 2013? >> i hope not. they are the taliban wing of american politics and we all ought to be a little worried about them. >> sir, do you think that's a little harsh, calling them the taliban wing ever american
9:17 pm
politics? >> not at all, not at all. >> joining me, fox news political analyst juan williams. juan williams, i don't think anybody, any organization, regardless of political affiliation, should be target fourth what they believe in. i assume you agree with me, not julianne. >> i agree with you, sean. >> history is made on this program for the very first time ever. you know something, it bothered me when i hear that -- hears a group of people who are admittedly racist, overtly political, and then they call them the taliban wing. why would somebody from the naacp say that when you know it's untrue and i know it's untrue? >> i think julianne, as his job with the naacp, is very sensitive to some of the actions taken by the tea party over the years. >> what actions by the tea party that are racist? >> we've gone over it here members of congress said they
9:18 pm
were spitting on them, calling at them n-words. >> and there were hundreds of cameras around. >> i'll let you settle that dispute but i can say that's what those members of congress said happened. we've seen the sign, the joker -- >> what sign, the joker? >> yes. portraying the president in the most negative way. >> president obama had pictures of hit summer mustaches of hitler. do you want to go through it shot by shot? >> no, not at all. i think all public figures are subject to this kind of mocking but i'm just telling you that i think for julianne bahn, especially in his role of the naacp, the sensitivity to the racial mockery is very real and it goes beyond him. >> the accusation is false, and i will say it because i'm tired of it being regurgitated by people on the left. dana perino. >> i think his comments are outrageous and inexcusable. it's almost the exactly the same
9:19 pm
records president obama used tonight, recently within the last little bit released a statement about the irs situation. the statement is excellent. it's very strong and it is five days too late. the president -- well, president obama in his press conference on monday says that he learned about the irs scandal from news reports. today in the press conference, press briefings, white house press secretary jay carney said people in the white house were notified two weeks ago that was coming and there are additional questions did anybody know before that? >> that's probably a lie by obama. >> no. >> you don't think so? >> i wonder if nobody told the president. if that's the case, then there is a management problem inside the white house. >> really? waitwait a minute. but we also know the irs new about this maybe as early as 2010. >> and that's why we need to have the hearing that will take place this week in congress. they have every right to look at this. thankfully it it is a bipartisan look at that because it shapes
9:20 pm
the foundation of the country. >> you have benghazi, failure before, during and a coverup after. incontrovertible. then this case. they are targeting tea party members. we danny hear about it love the election, they cover-up benghazi before the election and now the situation with the associated press. it seems to me that the obama white house has some real explaining to do about their behavior. >> i think that is true, but i think that the media needs to be looking in the mirror or, as well. for example, the tea party and other conservative groups have been complaining about unfair targeting by the irs for the last three years. the press ignored them. given that if it was low-level aids, just people in cincinnati doing this and they didn't really have any political acumen, then it wouldn't have been hard for a reporter to pick up the phone and find out or for white house communication to find out if there was a problem. >> we already know washington d.c. knew about it. >> i know. >> let me ask you a question. i would think that all of these
9:21 pm
things really bother you in terms of the irs intimidating people because of their political point of view. >> i agree. >> benghazi, four dead americans and we did nothing before when requests were help were out there -- >> i don't agree with you on that. >> they were toll to stand down. >> i don't agree. >> and a web of lies was built afterwards. now the a.p. story. my question to you is what do you recommend the president do to get out of his scandal mix that he's now in? >> i could be dana perino here. i could say i believe in transparency. i think an adversarial press is all forgot in this country, but the real good is get out and tell people exactly what happened. i understand the benghazi case where you have cia and state fussing and feuding. i don't know that america gets into all of that. >> but our government knew the truth, and twelve version later we know they spun a web of lies. >> it's not twelve versions. you know the term c. y. a.,
9:22 pm
cover your butt -- >> it's cover your ass. >> it had nothing to do before or during the actual crime. >> they knew the truth and spun a web of lies that nobody else told them and if you are not seeing that for a coverup -- >> your whole theory is weak because it was all out there before the election. people knew. >> excuse me, no, it wasn't out there. >> back -- it goes back to the pointed to the washington post gave the obama paw administration four pinocchios about talking about benghazi. >> bingo. >> that's eight months too late to have any effect on the election. >> thank you for the pinocchio update. >> aren't i the nicest co-host you have been on with? >> your the best. you are beating the guy you are sitting next to by a mile. >> that's right. i'm digging for the truth. liberals, democrats, republicans, conservatives, we have a right to know the truth. we have the right to know our government is not lying to us. we have the right to know we aren't going to be intimidated by the irs. >> but it's the constant beating
9:23 pm
of obama, and it's not just the truth. >> we have to go. still ahead former defense secretary don rumsfeld in the studio. the former secretary said he opened an investigation so can ebb trusted to lead the inquiry? i don't think so. and also tonight you get to pick the video of the day. time to preview option two. a young man pulled over by a police officer, but believe it or not, he's rewarded in the end. >> it's really something when someone comes up on the street and offers to do a kindness for you. >> i asked him if he ever had a bicycle because that's a little safer than walking. >> i never had an actual bike before. ♪ [ slap! ] [ slap! slap! slap! slap! ] ow! ow! [ male announcer ] your favorite foods fighting you? fight back fast with tums. calcium-rich tums starts working so fast you'll forget you had heartburn. ♪ tum tum tum tum tums
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is. >> breaking developments tonight regarding the irs's enemy's list. we are learning the agency's targeting of conservative groups is much more widespread than the initial report suggested. were officials washington also involved? let not your heart be troubled. there he is attorney general eric hold has announced his justice department, they plan to investigate. how comforting. >> i have ordered an investigation to be gun. the fbi is coordinating with the justice department to see if any laws were broken in connection with those matters related to the irs. >> the least trustworthy person in washington d.c. is going to oversee this critical inquiry? this is the guy who has repeatedly failed you, the american people, with fast and furious, guantanamo bay, the 9/11 co-conspirator trials, remember the black opinion they are voter intimidation case and the list goes on. he has zero credibility so why should he be trusted with this investigation?
9:29 pm
here with danielle. and editor at large ben shapiro. thanks for being with us. danielle, your -- is this the right guy to be investigating this? really? >> i believe it is. i believe it is. i think what we need to do here is have some common rational thought about what is around in the news plead yeah today are some super issues. we have the a.p. subpoena investigation and the irs investigation and benghazi which we've been talking about for many months now. i believe it is appropriate the department of justice in investigating, this appears to be contained within the irs. >> well, i look at this a little bit differently. i look at nothing but political -- he's a political appointee. he's done everything this protect obama here heretofore. if you look at the specific cases that i mentioned, he has not shown an ability to be
9:30 pm
objective and discerning of in getting involved with anybody in the administration. i think we need outside counsel to come in and give an object i have, discerning eye to this. your thoughts. >> this administration should not be trusted to investigate itself. whether benghazi or the account ability review board, who did a tremendously poor job in exposing everything that went on or whether it's the current a.p. scandal and we are still trying to find out who within the department of justice authorized it. the common thread seems to be for the administration, the only agency for which the administration is ultimately responsible is seal team 6. for everyone else they don't know what is going on or why it is going on so now we will trust these bumbling people to investigate themselves? >> danielle, why would you trust them to investigate themselves? why would you do that? >> i guess i would like to go back to the notion of the associated press -- >> i don't want to go back to the notion i want to and you why do you trust them to investigate themselves? why?
9:31 pm
because eric holder owes his job to obama. all these people owe their allegiance to obama. why shouldn't we have an objective, outside investigator? >> but absolutely attorney i don't know is like any other cabinet member, a political appointee. the department of justice are filled with people who are not political appointees -- >> excuse me. we saw in the philadelphia polling case, the black panther voter intimidation case, we had guys on video with baton necessary military gash outside of a polling pace. did he do anything in that case? >> i have a question for you, if we go back to the bush administration. >> i don't want to talk about the bush administration. that's five years ago. i'm tired of your bush excuses. why do you trust eric holder to do this? >> i trust -- i trust eric holder because i trust the process. he will be in hearings tomorrow. if it is determined that he -- >> you are naive.
9:32 pm
>> -- appropriately, then he will be removed. call me naive but i think i'm being reasonable. >> i don't think he's shown the judgment, he has the judgment of character to do so. >> he said their deputies can be trusted. it's eric holder currently blaming the deputies who is going on with the a.p. so eric holder apparently doesn't trust his own people. the thing is can you trust the administration or not? they are not trustworthy when it comes to investigating themselves. >> thank you both. appreciate it. coming up, a rare television appearance by former defense secretary donald rumsfeld in studio. does he believe a coverup occurred in the wake of benghazi? we will ask him. and we always want to hear from you. log on to our companion site u get to select the video of the day and you will see what it is in its entirety at the end of show. here's a sneak-peek of option
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... you thought wrong. get up to 50% off hotels this memorial day with travelocity. >> the day after it happened i acknowledged that this was an act of terrorism. >> not true. that was president obama trying to rewrite history yesterday about what he said immediately following the benghazi terrorist attack. now unfortunately for him even the "washington post" gave that claim four pinocchios and used his words to prove him wrong. here's why. day after the attack, which happened to be one day removed from the anniversary of 9/11, president obama merely claimed acts of terror would not be tolerated. he never called benghazi an act of terrorism.
9:38 pm
is and that's not all. as the "post" points out. he was repeatedly given opportunities in the days after that to do the right thing, and he didn't. watch. >> mr. president, this morning you went out of your way to avoid the use of the word terrorism in connection with the libya attack. >> right. >> do you believe this was a terrorist attack? >> it's too early to know exactly how this came about, what group was involved. but obviously it was an attack on americans. >> then i heard hillary clinton say it was an act of terrorism. is it? what do you say? >> we are still doing an investigation. >> all right. joining me now to respond to the former defense secretary donald rumsfeld. his new book hit bookshelves today. mr. secretary, good to see you. i love the book. >> thank you. >> we will have you on to do talking about that. why the mysterious reluctance and resistance? he was on two weeks later on "the view"."
9:39 pm
and went that day and spoke to the united nations and still is blaming a video that we all know is a lie >> i can't imagine how a person could stand up there when everyone involved knew it was a terrorist attack, it was the anniversary of 9/11. the people were not demonstrators. they were well-armed. the idea that it was somehow related to a youtube video and that narrative kept being promoted, i suppose it's because it fit their hopes and what they wanted to be the case. >> ever hear of anyone going to a spontaneous demonstration and have in their back pocket a rocket-propelled grenade and mortars? that happens, right? >> not a chance. >> the discussion he had with ambassador stevens, we're under fire, we're being attacked, and
9:40 pm
they never spoke. two weeks later when the president was on "the view," he had never spoken to mr. hicks nor to anyone else. >> that testimony before the congress was moving. it was emotional, it was firsthand account of what actually took place. and it literally trashed the narrative that had been promoted by the white house. >> the cia got it right from the next day. they knew, and those on the ground that testified last week, they knew it was an attack. the cia knew it was an attack. they wrote the original talking points. twelve points later the truth was removed and this huge lie about a youtube video and spontaneity was inserted. how does that happen? >> even go back to the beginning. the brits knew there was a danger and they pulled their people out. the people in the united states in benghazi knew that there was a danger and asked for additional security. >> and the cia warned them.
9:41 pm
we learned that last week. it was a terrible tragedy and people lost their lives and the way it's been handled since then has compounded the problem. the first rule of something like that is to gather the facts and then inform the american people. >> tell them the truth. >> yeah. >> don't we deserve the truth? >> well, in our system we have to tell the truth. >> before they denied the request for assistance and during we have two separate stand down orders and we still don't know where they came from. can you imagine americans under attack, other americans ready to risk their lives to help them and nobody goes? >> that's why the hearings have to go forward. they will have to call the people up, they will have to find out precisely what capabilities existed. because the first problem was not protecting people when they knew they needed protection. second problem was not assisting them when they were under
9:42 pm
attack. >> and the third part is the lie and coverup. >> indeed. >> do you have any doubt it is a lie? >> you know, it -- >> you have been around washington too long, mr. secretary. i don't want to put words in your mouth. >> well, it's a harsh word. i think that the hearings will prove what actually took place and there is no question but the narrative that was put out after the fact, days after the fact -- >> weeks after -- >> weeks after the fact was not true. >> what if this was you and george w. bush as president? >> everybody blames george w. bush for everything, even years later. >> if the dog bites, the bee stings, it's all his fault. >> i've never seen a situation like that in my life. he hasn't defend himself. he's been quiet and not want to go respond. i understand that, but he deserves a defense.
9:43 pm
>> i wish he would take a shot back verbally once in a while and go after them. >> yes. >> we will talk about your book in the days to come. we will have a one hour special with a studio audience with you. >> fantastic. >> looking forward to it. thank you. >> appreciate it. >> coming up next, members of the president's inner circle joins me live. he will try to defend the embattled administration. also tonight you get to pick the video of the day. we will reveal the winner and we will reveal the winner and you can send your comments
9:44 pm
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>> welcome back to "hannity." three scandals, one administration and a plethora of unanswered questions. as pressure mounts against obama
9:48 pm
and his white house in damage control mode, how is he going to deal with the benghazi controversy, the irs enemy's list and the a.p. spying allegations? trying to defend his old boss, professor of economics at the university of chicago, school of business, mr. goolsbee. i bet you are glad -- >> thanks for having me on, sean, i appreciate it. >> somebody has to come on from the obama administration. which of these three bothers you the most? >> i would like more details on all three, but if the irs thing is -- >> we know it's true. >> -- is specifically targeting parties, that's it. >> it's been established, they admitted to it. we have the i.g. report and i have all 54 pages here. >> here are the two things that are caveats. if they are true then i will
9:49 pm
agree with you but the caveats are number one, congress passed a law that says for this type of nonprofit organization you can't be a political partisan organization and be donating this money, and they toll the irs you make sure people are not politically partisan -- >> wait a minute, targeting media matters, they weren't targeting. >> no, but that's my point. that's where i agree with you. that's where i agree with you. >> but the tea party, constitution -- >> if that's all they did, then i agree with you. >> that's what i said that would be the one i'm most disturbed about. >> how concern are you -- how concerned are you that the justice department seized the phone records of the a.p. to track down what they felt was a damaging press leak? >> well, no, no. >> intrusive. >> i mean, the a.p., of course, they don't like it.
9:50 pm
this wasn't a big surprise. >> no? >> when tnis hearing was confirmed months ago, he talked about this exact case and said he felt that for national security reasons the fact that they had gotten this cia information is somehow secretly should be investigated. so we've no one about that for months. >> wait a minute. >> i'm surprised -- >> you think it's okay to secretly seize the phone records of the press? wait a minute, there are other ways to get to the bottom of these things without seizing the phone records of a free press. >> you may be true. i'm surprised, sean that's correct you are making this argument. i mean, if you think that there is a national security basis for protecting the cia, they were trying to figure out -- there may be a better way. that's what they should figure out. i agree. >> offer good guy, you weren't there, so i'm not going to put all the heat on you. but there's a problem with the administration and to me i think the biggest problem they have with all these things is their
9:51 pm
inability to tell the truth. i'll give you an example. we know they screwed up in benghazi. the cia warned them to put more security on the ground, they didn't do it. they got requests for more security, they didn't do it. somebody gave stand down orders twice, they didn't send the help, the president went to bed and went out campaigning the next day. hang on. then we know the truth and the truth, well, versions of talking points evolves into a lie. >> no, now hold on. >> and the president two weeks later -- wait a minute. >> noh a lie. i could agree with you for a bit but then i don't agree with that. >> these are facts. >> no, wait a minute. >> facts. >> the snippets you showed of the president, he's not making the contention one way or the other. he was specifically saying. >> excuse me, two -- >> -- saying you have to find out the facts. >> wait a minute, stop. you are wrong. >> you are sighting the cia. >> two weeks later he was on "the view" and we just played the answer and he went to the
9:52 pm
united nations. >> i will admit i wasn't watching "the "the view" sean, i apologize. >> you better be nice to my friends barbara walters and elizabeth -- >> well -- >> focus, focus. they never called gregory hicks or call the people on the ground or talked to the people on the ground. >> hold on, hold on. >> hear me out. >> okay. >> but they went out with something that was a great lie. because nobody -- >> no. they specifically said find out what happened. >> nobody was saying that. nobody. >> not true. >> true. >> in these hearings, here's what you should be nervous about. here's what you should be nervous about. in these hearings, i agree, they have raised -- you have and congress has raised various condition that we should get an answer to. but the great danger here, as i think you know, is that the
9:53 pm
republicans in the house are going to massively overstep. stop for a second. focus, fix eight, help me. >> i'm focused. i'm 100% focused. >> let's answer the question. >> wait, stop, stop. >> we knew the truth. >> we knew that the leaked e-mails -- >> much of that was based on the, quote, leaked e-mails from the white house. >> austan, austan. stay focused. >> i'm focused. >> they knew the truth about what really happened. they knew it was an al-qaeda linked group, they knew it wasn't spontaneous, they knew -- >> some people thought that. >> that's what the talk being points said. >> no. >> the talking points then that turned into an elaborate lie. >> no. in this talking points there was disagreement between the cia and others so they just said let's waited to find out what happened. >> austan, you are a good guy,
9:54 pm
you are defending your friend, but the american people this, is not partisan, deserve the truth. >> they deserve answers -- to answer the question. >> we cannot be lied to. we got to go. thank you. >> okay. >> up next, let not your heart be troubled. you picked the video of the day so w for over 125 years we've been bringing people together. today we'd like people to come together on something that concerns all of us...obesity. and as the nations leading beverage company we can play an important role. that includes continually providing more options. giving people easy ways to help make informed choices. and offering portion controlled versions of our most popular drinks. it also means working with our industry to voluntarily change whats offered in schools. but beating obesity will take continued action by all of us. based on one simple common sense fact, all calories count.
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9:58 pm
>> time for the video of the day. tonight -- by the way, i don't think it was selection the for being exactly a heart-warming video or anything incredible, i'm guessing it was selected by you because it's so outrageous maybe it's just hard to believe because it's real. what you are about to see is an actual trailer for an upcoming hollywood movie that depicts the massacre of wall street employees. pretty shocking, but it's real. take a look. ♪ >> is somebody targeting wall street? >> this is not a game, it's my
9:59 pm
wife. >> we are still far too exposed. >> i'm going to take care of that. >> i've been watching you. you cooked the books to get the bonuses. why should i let you live? do you like competition? you've got competition. just you and me. >> personal protection? >> for fun. i wonder if president obama will talk about this at some point. i don't really expect much from his friends in hollywood. but you have to agree this movie probably crosses the line. the people behind this disgusting film probably should be ashamed of themselves but i don't expect that will be the case. anyway, thanks for participating, voting. we always love to hear from you.
10:00 pm
let not your heart be troubled, greta is coming up next to go on the record, and we will be back here tomorrow night. thanks for being with us. greta, take it away. >> this is a fox news alert. president obama now admitting the irs targeted conservative groups. just moments ago the president issuing a statement saying he has just reviewed the treasury department watchdog report and he finds the findings intolerable and inexcusable. president obama also saying those responsible will be held accountable. we will have much more on the breaking news in a minute. but first. >> the irs is the collection agency of the status. >> clearly we've only started to scratch the surface of this scandal. >> the irs is the collection agency of socialism. >> can you see categorically nobody at the white house and nobody on the president's political team had any knowlge

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